The witch’s broom came about as a result of the various sources of datura that can be found in the wilderness where the witch would make their home. These would be made into a slather that would be spread on the end of a broomstick and then inserted into an orifice, allowing the witch to traverse the spiritual realm in a new, shattered reality.

In modern times, we classify these as “deliriants” as part of a three sphere separation. They’re (usually datura or diphenhydramine) characterized by experiences most relate to hell or death. The trips usually take the form of terrifying figures leading the subject on surreal, nonsensical journeys where they see visions of pain and death that usually terminate in extremely dark empty spaces filled with noise. The experience is often compared to a combination of dementia and schizophrenia.

The other spheres of this cosmos are psychedelics and dissociatives. The former go without introduction - at this point the effects of LSD or DMT are so well known as to be cliche - while the latter are somewhat more interesting, putting the subject into a waking dream-state, where reality is shattered and distorted, bringing the user down rabbit holes of consciousness.

For the shades and tints, we have the other two classes of drugs with no psychedelic effects intrinsic - downers (alcohol, opiates, benzos, barbies) and uppers (amphetamines, coke, caffeine). Not considered as genuine colors, these exist to be added to colors, in order to change them into shades or tints - add white to red to produce a tint of red (pink), add black to red to produce a shade of red (burgundy). This is contrast to the way that adding another color to a primary color will change the very fabric of that color. Blue and yellow produce green, a tint of green with a tint of blue produces a light aqua color, etc.

This is the formation of colors by using the materials available on hand - dye is source from the world and then mixed into mediums, which can be manipulated using some basic neutral materials such as turpentine and linseed oil, before it’s spread onto canvas. This is known as “additive color”.

In subtractive color - which deals with light, rather than substance, colors are produced by taking pure light and then splitting it, to only show a part of the full spectrum. A beam of white light is shot through a prism and it reflects a spectrum of colors by separating out its complete spectrum into pieces. Black disappears here, rather than being a pigment, we are dealing with on one end of the spectrum light itself (white) and the absence of light (black). Additive colors have similar properties in the way their physical being interacts with the immaterial being of subtractive color. White will reflect light hitting it while black will absorb light - hence the two opposite poles, the extreme shine of certain high-gloss industrial paints vs the experimental productions such as Vantablack - total reflection vs total absorption.

It’s easy enough to comprehend the world in greyscale, presence & absence, solve et coagula, but another thing to mentally factor in the three primaries of additive color. The easy response is to recourse to the higher metaphysics of it all - what’s the point! Only light is real, and that’s subtractive! But this answer is only too easy as it ignores the reality in our working lives. The fact is, there are three realms which we exist in - we have not yet shed enough layers to unify with pure light. When we spawn we do so in the blue Overworld, with the yellow End and red Nether before us, and vibrating at higher frequencies requires fluid traversal of all three planes.

The end-stage Minecrafter is shown in the person of Hecatia Lapislazuli, who has three bodies co-existing in each of the realms - Earth, Hell, and Moon, or Blue, Red, and Yellow. As we see in the case of three classes of drug, these are more than physical locations, but also spiritual and intellectual locations - physical places, but also states of being and discourses of thinking. The paint mixing work of the magician requires that this be done, that all three primaries be communicated with and tri-located within - as nothing else will unlock the full spectrum of light.